We partner with you to offer independent services that help you to reduce risk, streamline processes and operate in a more sustainable manner.

Our core services can be divided into three categories:  

Assessment: Assessment is the mode by which we help our customers to identify the gaps in their system against a particular standard and requirement. This helps them to meet compliance and facilitate improvement.

Consulting: Through consulting, we provide support to our customers to solve their problems and to meet the gaps identified during the assessment or any other audit. This is capacity building activity through handholding.

Assurance & Certification: :- Through Conformity Assurance service, Subrahmanyam Associates ensures that a process or service meets relevant technical standards and fulfils relevant requirements. Our independent services add significant value to our customers' operations and ensure business sustainability.

Subrahmanyam Associates was incorporated in India. Subrahmanyam Associates has carved a formidable reputation as a knowledge based organization, catering to customized requirements across industrial segments, with a strong focus on customer satisfaction. Subrahmanyam Associates has been associated with a wide spectrum of industries across sectors and has built long standing customer relationships. Subrahmanyam Associates has a very strong track record in the responsible business.